Our Harry Kroll Foundation supports projects for the benefit of children and young people. We do this both on our doorstep and also overseas: wherever HAKRO production partners are located and so long as there is no support from other charitable organisations. Because even if our socially responsible working conditions contribute to enabling large numbers of people to lead a good life, the bare necessities are often lacking.

What we want to see is a world in which everyone pulls together to tackle need and disadvantage. Everyone can do their bit. We do ours by improving the quality of life for children and young people locally, regionally and in our production countries, giving them a better outlook for the future.

Carmen Kroll, chairwoman of the Harry Kroll Foundation

Humanity made in Schrozberg

The Harry Kroll Foundation, the HAKRO GmbH charitable foundation, is an important cog in the machine of HAKRO's corporate social responsibility. For many years the company has been running projects for its own employees, fellow citizens and employees of partner companies, all under the motto "HAKRO Cares".

When managing directors Carmen Kroll and Thomas Müller returned home from a visit to a partner company in Bangladesh in 2010 they found themselves deeply moved by the poverty which they had encountered in many places. In order to help, they quickly turned their commitment into action ready for export and founded the Harry Kroll Foundation. Since 2013 they have used the foundation as a vehicle for projects dear to their hearts - locally, regionally and internationally, sometimes in close collaboration with other foundations, associations and organisations.


One foundation. Many projects. Countless opportunities.

There are heaps of helpful projects and initiatives worth supporting all over the world—our job is to find the ones that fit with us and our values and achieve a sustainable, positive effect. We concentrate primarily on projects to support children and young people. We have been able to achieve a great deal already and plan to do even more in future.

Project 1


In Bangladesh, most children without parents have absolutely nothing. The youngest and weakest in particular need help from outside. Thanks to our foundation and to numerous donations from employees, retail partners, customers and friends, the Harry Kroll Children's Home in south-eastern Bangladesh has been able to offer 25 children a place to live, play and learn since 2013. A husband and wife team and a teacher have made it their job to enable these children to have a better start in life, and they do it with love. The whole town benefits from the building with its own photovoltaic system as before they had no electricity at all. All of the local people can also make use of the attached health post for free.

Project 2


Achieving more together: Together with charity NETZ e.V. In 2016 we began a pilot project enabling children from a slum in Dhaka to take part in school lessons. We pay the rent for the schoolroom, purchase the teaching materials and pay the salary for a teacher and a classroom assistant. Both of these women encourage the children to have fun as they learn and also offer them a listening ear outside of school.

Project 3


We are personally and financially committed to easing the work of the foundation "Hilfe für kranke Kinder" ["Help for sick children"] at the Tübingen Children's Clinic and assist with the procurement of urgently required medical devices, which make examinations pain-free and easier for patients and doctors. This clinic treats around 12,000 children as in-patients and over 48,000 as out-patients each year—and behind these figures there are often tragic stories. The foundation is committed to achieving the best possible treatment, advice and support for the children and their families. They are able to make individual payments from a social fund for families in need and support child-appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Project 4


Since we are the foundation of HAKRO GmbH, we have access to a product which is particularly useful as a donation in itself. For several years we have been making use of spare items of clothing by sending them to people in need. Working together with the Johanniter Order, our garments have been sent to Albania, Bosnia and Romania. Through the charity Hundertprozent our donations have also been handed over to the "Kliptown Youth Program" which is working in one of the poorest settlements in the township of Soweto near Johannesburg support children and young people with education, sport, nutrition and cultural programmes.

Project 5


The NETZ e. V. project in Bangladesh, which we support with regular donations from the proceeds of our charity activities, offers women a real chance of a long-term basic livelihood.
Depending on their individual skills and strengths, they receive start-up capital, seed and a lease for a field, a cow or bamboo for a basket-weaving facility. They also learn about vegetable cultivation, animal husbandry and managing money. Local development experts locally give advice to the women. Organised into village groups, the women help one another and defend their rights. Our shared goal is to assist even more people in securing their long-term livelihood.

Thank you

Thanks for everything.

All of these projects would not have been possible without the support of others. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank our donors for their generosity, the HAKRO employees for the passion and commitment they have put into so many fundraising activities, and not least our HAKRO customers for the forbearance which they show year after year when, instead of receiving a nice Christmas gift, they get a slightly rubbish card so that we can pass the money saved on to our foundation. You are all fantastic!

Working together requires resources.

Charitable work requires creative approaches. That's why we use a range of different methods to put the ideals of our foundation into action. To do this, we need donations in the form of money, goods and time. HAKRO GmbH donates a percentage of the company turnover to the foundation each year but we also donate clothing. Yet that is not enough: HAKRO's employees also volunteer their time and commitment, planning events or donating a small percentage of their monthly salary to the Harry Kroll Foundation employee fund which is then used, for example, to fund the project "Enough rice. For a lifetime" in its entirety. Of course, customers, partners or individuals can also make contributions—the more people that join in, the more good we can do.



We think that helping is a natural instinct which we should absolutely give in to. So we would be really pleased if you were to get more involved with our projects and decide to support us in our work.

Donate directly and help:

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