Sustainability is often to be found in the very smallest things of day-to-day life. How to encounter it consciously and with open eyes is something that HAKRO was able to impart in a series of events as part of the Baden Württemberg Sustainability Days 2016.

This was the third time that we had attended this event. The objective of this week of action funded by the state government is to allow people to "see, experience and understand sustainability".

With this in mind, our staff members Stephanie Linnhoff and Sinah Großeibl got plenty of ideas of ground, kicking off with the opening of the HAKRO library from which all bookworms will in future be able to help themselves to their heart's content. 26 participants found out how sustainability can taste at the sheeps cheese dairy Schafskäserei Fischer (http://www.schafkaese.com) in Langenburg. The agenda here included an introduction to cheesemaking, a tasting and a visit to the farm shop.

92 was the figure for the next item, Energy Transition Day: that's how many kilograms of CO2 we have been able to save here simply by thinking more carefully about the way that we work – if they didn't realise it before, it was now clear to all of the participants that acting sustainably can often be translated into very small and everyday things. And because it isn't a question of age, the next action day made a stop at the school in Schrozberg where recycling and sustainability are on the timetable in class 6. The sustainability week came to a sweet ending with a "Joyday" for HAKRO members of staff when they were able to try all kinds of honeys – not without considering the consequences of the current bee die-off.

We once again found ourselves in good company with our commitment to the Sustainability Days. There were a total of 1,450 events across Baden-Württemberg as a whole and we are pleased to have been a part of it – a good example of how many small acts can come together to create something pretty big. One thing is for certain – we will be taking part in the next Sustainability Days with plenty of drive and energy across the region!

If you'd like to take part or simply find out more about the Sustainability Days, you can find more information here: https://www.n-netzwerk.de

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